Central Florida Sun

Our club, now known as Central Florida Sun (CFS), was started in 1994, as Winter Park Water Polo Club.  After a few years (2003-2006) operating as Florida Coast Water Polo, Central Florida Sun was incorporated in 2007 to support and promote Water Polo and Swimming in the Central Florida area. Our goal is to provide training for middle school and high school athletes for competition at the local, state and national levels.

CFS seeks to benefit no particular high school,  and our purpose is simple: provide athletes a place to learn and play the game of water polo.

CFS has members with diverse levels of ability, from beginners to college athletes. Our task is to bring all the athletes with differing skill levels and aspirations together into a unified program. Our greatest challenge is to provide an environment for learning that is both enjoyable for the novice athlete,  and challenging enough for our veterans. As our athletes progress we seek to provide ample opportunity for development so that each of our members may continue to both enjoy the sport, and develop as players and/or coaches.

We have athletes whose goal it is to play in college and beyond. A goal to play beyond high school requires a greater commitment. We want to be a club where an individual’s  opportunity to be recruited is increased by providing the opportunity to play at higher competitive levels. We want to do this without excluding the high school and novice level athletes.

Why we train Year Round

All athletes are encouraged to train year round. We need to provide opportunities for our players to enhance their strength, endurance, stroke technique, ball handling, and pool awareness to increase their competitiveness against athletes from other regions. Most athletes cannot maximize their potential by training periodically. 

Swimming is a vital component of Water Polo. We encourage all our members to swim competitively. We offer swim programs to develop proper stroke mechanics as well as more conditioning-oriented programs for the more experienced athletes.

We encourage all our members to swim competitively. We offer swim programs to develop proper stroke mechanics as well as more conditioning-oriented programs for the more experienced athletes.


Conduct for Players and Parents

All our players represent the Central Florida Sun Water Polo Club, regardless of age. CFS should be not be thought of as individual teams, but as one club with new players merging in at various levels.

We expect current players and parents to welcome their new teammates and families. We may have various teams competing at given times, but everyone is a member of CFS.

As Spectators – We ask our players and parents, to be good sports. Cheer and root for our teams and refrain from any criticism of opponents, referees or teammates.

Any player or parent who is disruptive will be asked to leave.

When you have a question

Regarding Coaching or club activities:  Athletes should communicate directly with their coach on deck. If the conversation with the coach doesn’t answer the question the athlete or parents then should email Head Coach Barry Creighton.


Getting Up to Date Information

The CFS web page and email are our communication tools. We will post all events and schedules on the web page and will send emails regarding any upcoming events. Please check back regularly to stay current.

Our goal is to promote the sport of water polo through the teaching of fundamental skills, encouraging competition, and providing opportunities for travel and life experiences.

As a club, We want to support the growth of Water Polo in Central Florida by hosting tournaments, leagues, clinics, and camps.  We want to help our athletes set and attain future goals through practice, effort, and reinforcement. We would like our club to be successful in developing athletes who contribute to their teams at every level.

Our goal as a club is to be known and respected wherever we compete.

Dedicated athletes who work hard year round will reach the goals they have set for themselves.   

For our club to reach our overall goal we need to start at the beginning with the basics of hard work, practice and training.  Success is simply a by-product of these efforts

Water Polo is an exciting and growing sport. We are glad you have decided to be apart of this wonderful sport!